Product and UX strategy to accelerate your business

We think about design, workflow, and experience all day every day. We’re passionate about helping you build your business, product, or team. Circaviso is about making products and making products better.

Let's Work Together

We make experiences

Since our beginning, we’ve been focused on designing online products and services that people use. We’re here to help build compelling experiences for you and your customers. Online, offline, in your home, in the cloud, on your phone, or anywhere really. Work with Circaviso to bring your idea into reality.


We dig in to understand your users and their motiviations. With customer perspective at heart, we shape strategies that drive your business and change behaviors.

  • Innovation workshops
  • User research
  • Competitive audit
  • Persona research and development
  • Product strategy
  • Strategic consulting
  • Change management
  • Analytics

Design & User Experience

We work with you to create elegant, useful, and unique solutions - customer focused, experience driven.

  • Usability testing and research
  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • User scenarios and persona development
  • Prototyping
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Wireframing

Product Management

We understand how to organize and manage an agile team through rapid product iterations and launches and can help your team build these muscles.

  • Roadmap development
  • Prioritization
  • Team goals and metrics for success
  • Lean and agile tool setup and configuration
  • Sprint kickoff, backlog grooming, retrospectives
  • Scrum management
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Project and program management

Data & Analytics

Our approach is to make big data approachable and consistent with your business goals. We help you focus on the numbers that matter.

  • Desktop and mobile analytics
  • Application analytics
  • UX and funnel analysis
  • Dashboard development
  • Goal setting & benchmarking

"Having a successful user experience is often understood as a natural complement to a strong brand. brand values should inform the quality and distinctiveness of the user experience and vice versa."

Fabio Sergio, VP Creative, frog design

We get you.
We work how you work.

At Circaviso, we understand that aggressive goals and a challenging talent market make it hard to execute on your vision. We're not typical consultants - we're part of your team. We act that way, we work that way. We focus on your goals and metrics the same way you do.

How we can help

Product Consulting

We'd love to help you with a specific product or service, at any stage of development, small or large. We can work on initial strategy, user experience, and product management.


Your team can learn the latest techniques through our hands on workshops centered around Lean Methodologies, Product Strategy, and UX Design.

Team Management

Want your team to be more design focused? How about more lean? We specialize in helping teams integrate these practices into their Agile workflows.